Wainui Settlers Church

The Wainui History

In 1856 famous NZ Surveyor, Charles Heaphy was granted 140 acres and 6 years later for 100 pounds he sold 104 acres to William Lamont who had arrived in NZ from Northern Ireland in 1854. William Lamont, a staunch Presbyterian immediately gifted one acre of the land to build a church “for the Congregation of Christians meeting at Wainui in connection with the Presbyterian Church”

Mrs H. Vine, granddaughter of William Lamont recorded that “even before they built a permanent home for themselves, they must build a church to the glory of God, a place for worship and thanksgiving for life in this new and untried land.  The people of this era, the pioneers of our country took their religion seriously” 

The Wainui Settlers Church is a quiet treasure of the Hibiscus Coast Parish and over the years has played an important part in the development of the Wainui Community.

The links today continue with those early beginnings as one of our current Elders, Mrs Shona Birch is a direct descent of the pioneer Hellyer family, members of the Wainui Church in 1865.    

In 2022 we graciously received an Auckland council Regional historic heritage grant to assist with the maintenance and upkeep of this building.

2022 Historic Heritage Grant

This quaint little church is available to the community for weddings, christenings, funerals, and other events (even our pews have been out on loan).

To rent the facility, please contact the office of the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church.