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There have been Presbyterians on the Hibiscus Coast since at least 1860. The first Presbyterian church in the area was opened at Silverdale on 29 April 1860. This Wade Presbyterian Church was the main Presbyterian presence on the Hibiscus Coast for many years, but by 1950 worship services had ceased there due to changing population patterns. The Wainui Settler's Church, which is now part of the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church, also dates from the 1860's.

The Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church began life, initially under the name of the Parish of Orewa, on 1 February 1951 and had as its primary focus Orewa, and the surrounding areas of Silverdale and Hatfields Beach, and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The districts of Wainui and Waitoki also came under the oversight of the new parish on its formation and so it assumed responsibility for the Wainui Settler's Church. It also looked after the Albany area in its first years until Albany joined with Torbay to form a new parish on 30 September 1956.

Ministry in the first years of the new parish was provided by Home Missioners — the parish's first ordained minister, the Rev. Challis Wilson, was inducted on 22 May 1963. The parish celebrated its 50th Jubilee in 2001, giving thanks for its past history and looking forward to many more years of service and mission. The current name of the parish, the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church, better reflects its geographical focus and spread. In addition to the Wainui Settler's Church, we worship at 107 Centreway Road, Orewa.

A history of the parish, Presbyterians on the Hibiscus Coast,was written for its 50th Jubilee by Alan and Barbara Bolam.

Contact Minister:
Office: Ruth Goodenough

Hours: Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 11:30am
Friday 11.30 am - 2.30pm
Phone: 09 426 4502
Email:  office@hibiscuscoastpresbyterian.org.nz


It can be hard coming into a new church, so we've provided a little bit of information about the current ministry and leadership of the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church to help break the ice.

Treasurer: Allan Knight

Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church

Allan Knight is the treasurer of the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church.

Email              : treasurer@hibiscuscoastpresbyterian.org.nz

Parish Council

The parish council is the main body responsible for leadership in the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church together with the minister. It provides for governance, spiritual oversight and pastoral care of members of the church, as well as offering leadership in mission with an eye to the wider community. It is composed of the minister and church members who have been elected as active elders by the congregations. It has appointed a Finance & Property Committee to exercise primary responsibility over financial and property matters.


The Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church is committed to global mission.

We are in a mission partnership relationship with the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU), part of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. In mid-May 2013 we sent a small mission team to Vanuatu to meet with the leadership of the PWMU and, as a result of this visit, we began providing both encouragement and practical support for developing the training centre and hostel operated by the PWMU in Port Vila. We have formed a small task group to oversee the mission project on behalf of our church. We made a second follow-up visit in late May 2014, which included purchasing and installing five computers for the training centre.

When Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu on 13 March 2015, we were able to provide much-needed practical assistance in repairing, strengthening and rebuilding part of the training centre and hostel that had been badly damaged in the storm. This was a truly ecumenical effort, with members of the rebuild team coming from both Presbyterian and Baptist churches and funding for materials being provided by Uniting World, the aid agency of the Uniting Church of Australia. You can learn more about this work, as well as about our other visits to Port Vila, by reading our Church Blog.

Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church

Rebuild Team with PWMU Leadership, August 2015

This mission partnership is a new venture for us and we are excited about the opportunities we have had already for mutual learning and sharing. We are working closely with the Global Mission Office of the Presbyterian Church as we continue to build our relationship with the PWMU. We have now been joined, in June 2015, in this partnership by the Mairangi and Castor Bays Presbyterian Church. We are also keen to hear from any other PCANZ parishes interested in working with us in building the relationship with the PWMU and in developing the training centre and hostel.

For more on global mission, see the Global Mission page of the Presbyterian Church

We also support the annual Christmas Appeal run by Christian World Service.