Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church



Are you looking for a place to worship? Come and join us — you will be welcome. There is a place in the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church for you, whether you're just visiting or looking for a church to be part of.

Venues and Times

For up-to-date Sunday by Sunday information on our worship services, see our church activities calendar, or check out our Facebook pages. Since Sunday, 20 September 2015, we have moved to holding one combined service of worship each Sunday morning, alternating between our Whangaparaoa and Orewa venues, rather than separate services at each. This move was motivated by a desire to increase our members’ active participation in worship. Our usual venues and times of worship are now as follows:

Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church
Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church
Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church
Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church
Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church
Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church

Other Venues

We also take a monthly communion service in the chapel at the Maygrove Village in Tauranga Place, Orewa. This takes place at 3:00pm on the second Wednesday of each month, except January.

Contact Minister:
Rev. Caleb Hardie
Phone: 021 619 411
Email: minister@hibiscuscoastpresbyterian.org.nz

Office: Ruth Goodenough
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 11:30am
Phone: 09 426 4502

Worship Matters

Worship Style


The Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church offers thoughtful worship in a traditional, reformed style. We sing a wide range of hymns, both ancient and contemporary. We see our worship as evolving rather than fixed, and we use graphics and other media to enhance our worship. We aim for worship that engages both the heart and the mind.

Children in Worship

The Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church welcomes children at all worship services. We have a small group of children active in our church and we offer separate activities for children during the second part of our services.

Upcoming Worship Services

Upcoming worship services are often discussed or previewed in the Church Blog . 


Couldn't attend church this week? Living far away? Or just interested in sampling what's on offer?

We upload pdf and/or audio copies of many of our sermons to the Hibiscus Coast Presbyterian Church's Sermon Network channel. You can access these messages by going to our sermon player page or by going direct to our sermon channel. 

Life-Stage Ceremonies

For inquiries about baptisms, weddings or funerals, contact the minister.